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The Black Cheetahs is the Berlin-based project of music producer and artist Sofia TK and pianist Jack Wendy. Their music bears the imprint of southern garage rock combined with post-modern electronics: a deep doomish sound of slow bpm’s and a dark bluesy feel with an edge.

The band is currently working on the release of "Slow Doomed Fever", their first full-length album, which counts with the guest appearance of N.U. Unruh (Einstürzende Neubaten) in two tracks.

"Gold Gold Gold", their previous EP release, made great impressions in the German music press: "Newcomers of the month!" (Cute and Dangerous) and "sublime interpretation that has undoubtedly earned a top position between Sonic Youth and the Swans" (

Their punk-hypnotic show and deep immersive sound is gaining them followers from the dark rock and experimental scenes alike.
A cathodic soundtrack that recalls and celebrates the spirit of sex, drugs, and rock’n’roll from its dark side.


Photos by Eva Carracedo and Dragana

Feathers and Filth - Live at SO36 Berlin


So Long A Line - Live at Jugendhaus Königstadt Berlin


Gold Gold Gold - live at Jugendhaus Königstadt Berlin


Weapons - Official video

(Won the 2nd prize at Berlin Music Video Awards)


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